2 Apr 2012

we are in Design Statement: Weekend Festival

Design Statement: Weekend Festival is an event to celebrate 40 years Indonesia's product design education.
There are more than 50 young Indonesia designer who participate on this event.
It's been held on 28th March until 1st April 2012 at Dia.lo.gue artspace, Jakarta, Indonesia.

We are so honored to be able participating this kind of event by showcasing our previous work, "Tensile" stool.
The story behind this work is the beauty of an unusual behaviour/shape in a community.
We use that interpretation on how 1 crooked leg make an impact on a normal stool.
On this stool, there is a material illusion between wood & leather.

and here are our work in the katalog..

"We as an individuals liked design since we didn't know what design is."

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